Swimming Pool Thermometers

Swimming Pool Thermometers

Swimming pool thermometers allow you to take accurate temperature readings of the water contained within your pool as well as PH levels. This is important to ensure the safety and comfort of the users of your pool as well as to comply with industry regulation governing pools for public use.

pH thermometers are considered to be needed when maintaining your swimming pool, you have to check the pH levels of your swimming pool  at least once a week, keeping it between pH level 7.0- 7.6, ideally 7.2.

The temperature of pools vary depending on their use, but it is important not to let them rise or fall above or below set safety levels.

At Thermometers Direct we stock a range of swimming pool thermometer designs with differing specifications. From scoop style pool thermometers that remain in the pool to pen style thermometers that are used to test the water at regular intervals, we’ve got the right swimming pool thermometer to meet your needs.

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Waterproof Thermometer Digital Pocket Style

Waterproof Thermometer Digital Pocket Style£14.28More Info  (22)

Bath Scoop Thermometer

Bath Scoop Thermometer£8.76More Info  (2)

Comark PDQ 400 - Waterproof Thermometer

Comark PDQ 400 - Waterproof Thermometer£23.28   £18.00More Info  (17)

Zeal Bath and Pool Thermometer

Zeal Bath and Pool Thermometer£9.90More Info  (3)

Calibrated Waterproof Thermometer | Black Digital Handheld

Calibrated Waterproof Thermometer | Black Digital Handheld£53.20   £45.00More Info  (4)

Comark DT400 Waterproof Thermometer

Comark DT400 Waterproof Thermometer£18.00   £14.94More Info  (6)

Comark CaterCheck 3 - Catering Thermometer

Comark CaterCheck 3 - Catering Thermometer£80.40   £70.00More Info  (3)

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Listed Wrong
Sunday, 26 March 2017  |  Deborah

This was listed as the Digi Duck, but what I received was the Digi Duckling (I know - but they're really not the same - the Duckling is a smaller, vastly inferior version of the Digi Duck, which was brilliant). Not what I wanted, and if I did, I would have ordered it from Amazon for half the price! Can't be arsed to send it back as sometimes life is just too short....

Great service
Saturday, 25 March 2017  |  Fiona

Delivered very promptly, whole transaction was trouble free.

Test kit
Wednesday, 15 March 2017  |  Gary

Excellant item, prompt delivery, i would use the company again.