Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer

Hygrometers are a type of thermometer designed to measure the moisture in the air, such as humidity. Hygrometers measure and display humidity levels on a percentage scale with 100% being saturated; many also show the current room temperature.

At Thermometers Direct we have selected the very best in both analogue and electric or digital hygrometers to suit your needs including those which display dew point (the point that vapour is condensed into water).

Hygrometers are ideal for use in a range of locations such as spas, gyms and greenhouses to monitor the amount of humidity present.  Some Hygrometers also can also be used to detect moisture content of materials such as brick in order to detect damp.

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Digital Thermometer Hygrometer and Clock

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer and Clock£18.24   £8.00More Info  (7)

Therma-Hygrometer with comfort zone indication

Therma-Hygrometer with comfort zone indication£10.20More Info  (14)

Thermo-Hygrometer, Indoor / Outdoor with Max-Min

Thermo-Hygrometer, Indoor / Outdoor with Max-Min£5.00More Info  (1)

Dual Display Thermo Hygrometer

Dual Display Thermo Hygrometer£19.20   £15.00More Info  (4)

Portable Hygro Thermometer

Portable Hygro Thermometer£15.00More Info  (1)

Comark DTH 880, Combined Humidity Meter and Thermometer

Comark DTH 880, Combined Humidity Meter and Thermometer£39.60   £38.00More Info  (1)

Dual Display Thermometer Hygrometer

Dual Display Thermometer Hygrometer£10.00More Info  (1)

ETI Moisture Alert Hygrometer 810-170

ETI Moisture Alert Hygrometer 810-170£16.00More Info  (2)

External Hygrometer / Thermometer

External Hygrometer / Thermometer£18.00More Info

Garden Thermometer Hygrometer Bi-Metal

Garden Thermometer Hygrometer Bi-Metal£8.60More Info  (1)

Kombi Thermometer-Hygrometer

Kombi Thermometer-Hygrometer£10.80   £6.00More Info

Zeal Spare Whirling Tube

Zeal Spare Whirling Tube£7.20More Info  (1)

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Most Trusted Thermometer yet
Wednesday, 20 September 2017  |  Philip

I have had a GerathermŽ Classic XL- Medical Thermometer for a number of years after trying many other Thermometers from other Companies which were not reliable. Ear thermometers seemed to givea bewildering set of results as did other types as well but the Classic XL which safely replaced the old style Mercury thermometer readings were consistent. I have just ordered another so we have one always packed for our holidays and one for the home and i see that they have now addressed the problem of reading the scale by supplying a case that magnifies the scale when the Thermometer is inserted into it (Brilliant). Some people gave bad reviews on the themometer because of not being able to shake the fluid back down into the its holding resovoir but if you read the intructions you will find that the liquid only need to be shaken down so it lies between the 35mark and the 36 degree mark and NOT all the way down to the bottom . Shaking the fluid down does need some wrist flicks which to some people may be a problem but for me it works and causes no strain on the wrist. I Have a disabled wife who sometimes can have some very high temperatures up to 39 sometimes so i need a reliable Thermometer so i know when to call the Doctor in and when not to. I highly recommend this type of thermometer.

Poor Delivery
Monday, 18 September 2017  |  Don

We paid for next day delivery because we had an emergency water survey to undertake at a children's nursery. The thermometer did not arrive and when we emailed to ask if the goods would be delivered that day we were told that the delivery driver could not find the building!!!
Our building is well sign posted and we have constant deliveries to these offices without problem. If the delivery driver had phoned, someone from the office would have guided them to the building. This is not acceptable as we paid for next day delivery for a very good reason.

All Good
Sunday, 17 September 2017  |  Sheila

Absolutely great