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Waterproof Thermometer Digital Pocket Style

Waterproof Thermometer Digital Pocket Style£14.28More Info  (22)

Fridge / Freezer with Alarm ETI 810-210

Fridge / Freezer with Alarm ETI 810-210£10.20More Info  (10)

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930£15.84More Info  (18)

Water Thermometer | Black Digital Waterproof

Water Thermometer | Black Digital Waterproof£27.24More Info  (13)

Legionnaires Thermometer Kit Calibrated ETI 860-860

Legionnaires Thermometer Kit Calibrated ETI 860-860£145.20   £120.00More Info  (10)

Comark PDQ 400 - Waterproof Thermometer

Comark PDQ 400 - Waterproof Thermometer£23.28   £18.00More Info  (17)

Comark KM330 Legionella Water Thermometer Kit

Comark KM330 Legionella Water Thermometer Kit£132.00   £110.00More Info  (3)

Chocolate Thermometer with Alarm

Chocolate Thermometer with Alarm£16.20More Info  (2)

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer and Clock

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer and Clock£18.24   £10.00More Info  (6)

Zeal Bath and Pool Thermometer

Zeal Bath and Pool Thermometer£9.90More Info  (3)

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer£21.00   £10.00More Info  (1)

ETI SuperFast Thermapen 231-217 | Cooking Thermometer

ETI SuperFast Thermapen 231-217 | Cooking Thermometer£48.00   £40.00More Info

Comark C28 Legionella Thermometer Kit Calibrated

Comark C28 Legionella Thermometer Kit Calibrated£171.40   £140.94More Info  (6)

Therma-Hygrometer with comfort zone indication

Therma-Hygrometer with comfort zone indication£10.50   £10.20More Info  (12)

Calibrated Waterproof Thermometer | Black Digital Handheld

Calibrated Waterproof Thermometer | Black Digital Handheld£53.20   £45.00More Info  (4)

Digital Room Thermometer With Capillary

Digital Room Thermometer With Capillary£9.48More Info  (5)

ETI Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer 810-121

ETI Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer 810-121£10.80More Info  (5)

Comark DT400 Waterproof Thermometer

Comark DT400 Waterproof Thermometer£18.00   £14.94More Info  (6)

ETI Food Check 221-058 | Cooking Thermometer

ETI Food Check 221-058 | Cooking Thermometer£55.00   £41.25More Info  (1)

ATC 800+ Temperature Control Unit

ATC 800+ Temperature Control Unit£29.88   £25.00More Info

Digital K-Type Folding Thermometer KIT

Digital K-Type Folding Thermometer KIT£50.00   £35.00More Info  (1)

Folding Waterproof Thermometer

Folding Waterproof Thermometer£14.76More Info

K Type Thermometer with Rubber Jacket

K Type Thermometer with Rubber Jacket£39.96   £25.00More Info  (2)

Oven & Cooking Thermometer ETI 810-060

Oven & Cooking Thermometer ETI 810-060£18.00   £16.00More Info

TempTest® 2 Smart Thermometer with Rotating Display ETI 222-910

TempTest® 2 Smart Thermometer with Rotating Display ETI 222-910£66.00   £64.00More Info  (1)

Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer

Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer£14.40   £12.00More Info  (3)

Dual Display Thermo Hygrometer

Dual Display Thermo Hygrometer£19.20   £15.00More Info  (4)

External Hygrometer / Thermometer

External Hygrometer / Thermometer£20.00More Info

Comark C21 Food Thermometer - Thermistor

Comark C21 Food Thermometer - Thermistor£157.20   £130.00More Info

Comark Cooking Thermometer With Timer - HLA1

Comark Cooking Thermometer With Timer - HLA1£15.60   £14.40More Info  (1)

Comark Food Pro Infrared Thermometer

Comark Food Pro Infrared Thermometer£80.40   £70.00More Info

Comark KM221 Food Thermometer

Comark KM221 Food Thermometer£33.60More Info

Digital Kitchen Thermometer

Digital Kitchen Thermometer£18.00   £12.00More Info  (1)

Digital Thermometer: Hand Held With Alarm Thermometer

Digital Thermometer: Hand Held With Alarm Thermometer£14.45   £10.00More Info

ReCalibratable Thermometer

ReCalibratable Thermometer£20.00More Info  (3)

Therma Differential 2 Channel Thermometer ETI 231-022

Therma Differential 2 Channel Thermometer ETI 231-022£90.00   £87.00More Info  (1)

Thermapen® Sous Vide Thermometer

Thermapen® Sous Vide Thermometer£76.80   £73.80More Info

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Page 1 of 1:    53 Items

Digital thermometers

Are an important part of any household. From medical thermometers to fridge/freezers, they have a number of uses in the home.

However, they are also used in a number of other places like cars, hospitals and nursing homes to the less obvious places like server rooms and airplanes. Digital thermometers offer the easiest way to check the temperature of any given object or of the current temperature.

For most of us, when a thermometer is mentioned, a picture of a long tube with red liquid comes into mind. This is because the clinical thermometer is one of the most common thermometers that we, as adults, would have come across. While it an iconic form of thermometer, now there are much more advanced solutions like analogue and digital thermometers that perform the same tasks in slightly different manners to produce results that are more accurate.

While analogue thermometers make use of mercury to push the dials in a clock like design to give the reading of temperature, digital thermometers utilise specially engineered electronic heat sensors that can measure heat accurately.

How do digital thermometers work?

The average digital thermometer had special materials that can change their resistance value to even the slightest amount of change in heat. These materials, called thermo resistors, are used in conjunction with certain sensors, which collect the resistance values. They are then passed on to a low powered CPU that interprets the data and displays it as temperature.

Some advanced thermometers make use of infrared to measure temperature, as well as find the temperature of different regions.
Coupled with an infrared display camera, these thermometers are used by fire fighters to find the source of heat in areas, which may be partially covered by smoke or have low lighting.

Benefits of a digital thermometer

At this moment in time, digital thermometers offer general users the quickest and most accurate reading, which makes them ideal when you are looking for both responsiveness and precision.

The technology used in them means that they are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and can detect even the slightest of drops or increases. This makes them ideal for measuring temperatures in critical electrical components, checking room temperatures, checking exact body temperatures, etc.

Digital thermometers also can be programmed to give an electrical output at a certain temperature, making them efficient for stopping critical components of any machine from overheating. This ability to modify the thermometer can be used for home purposes like alerting when the bath water for the baby reaches a certain temperature, or if the inside of the oven is overheating.
While responsive and accurate, the downside of digital thermometers is that some of them may not be suitable for endurance or high-intensity heat, although the manufacturers have discovered ways to make the heat sensors more durable and more receptive to higher temperatures in recent years.

Types of digital thermometers

Depending on their use, there are various types of digital thermometers available in our range. From body temperature recorders and bath thermometers, to oven and meat thermometers, we have a wide range from which you can choose.

It is essential to use a type of thermometer only for its specified purpose as usually they are optimised for that and chances are alternative uses may lead to inaccurate readings or in some circumstances, danger.

It is imperative that you ensure your thermometer can handle the reading that you are going to be subjecting it to regardless of its use. For instance, using a meat thermometer on other foods may seem fine, but with a range from 170 - 270 degrees, other foodstuffs like confectionery syrup can reach temperatures as high as 350-400 degrees, which will most likely break the thermometer. Therefore, always check on our description page when shopping in our digital thermometer range from our website for the exact purposes and temperature range of the particular digital thermometer.

Using a digital thermometer

Before you start using a digital thermometer, make sure you clean its input area thoroughly. It does not matter if you had cleaned it before storing it, make sure you do it again before use with an antibacterial solution it if it is going to be used on a human body or a pet.

On the other hand, if it is going to be used for some other purpose, you can always clean it with a bit of soap and rinse the area thoroughly, although be careful not to spill water on the display or the electrical part of the thermometer as it may damage it unless it is a waterproofed digital thermometer.

Next, check if the reading is zero when the thermometer is switched on. It should change to room temperature after a moment. Let it stay open for another few seconds while it gets more consistent and stable in the readings. After that, take your reading.

The reading process depends on the model of the digital thermometer you use. Some take a few seconds while others may take a minute. Once displayed, wait a minute to verify the reading. Finally clean the input area again after switching the thermometer off and store it away in a dry place.

Why should you choose Thermometers Direct?

At Thermometers Direct, we are a one-stop shop for a wide range of digital thermometers. We have been in the business of selling thermometers since 2004, and have over time gather valuable experience on consumer and well as market trends, so that we can give you the best deal possible on your purchase.

Our digital thermometer range includes various types from major brands for different utility purposes. Therefore, we aim to have what you need for quick delivery.

Our delivery system is fast as well as secure, and it is free if your order comes to over £65. Since our formation, we have supplied our thermometers to schools, medical facilities and government bodies. They have all been satisfied with both the products and the attached service.

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Sunday, 26 March 2017  |  Deborah

This was listed as the Digi Duck, but what I received was the Digi Duckling (I know - but they're really not the same - the Duckling is a smaller, vastly inferior version of the Digi Duck, which was brilliant). Not what I wanted, and if I did, I would have ordered it from Amazon for half the price! Can't be arsed to send it back as sometimes life is just too short....

Great service
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