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We have one of the largest ranges of competitively priced thermometer ranges, these include thermometers from top brands such as ETI, Comark, Braun, Zeal, Tempcon, Digitron and many more.


Digital Thermometers: Accurate and Convenient Temperature Measurement

Get accurate temperature readings, using our range of digital thermometers. Designed to measure temperature with precision and convenience in mind, these advanced instrument provide accurate readings in seconds. Whether you need to monitor room temperature, or food temperature, our digital thermometers produce accurate readings every time.

A digital display provides an easy way to see the temperatures are reading. Most digital thermometers are for general purpose use, meaning a digital thermometer can be used for many different area's for temperatures reading being quick and easy as some offering many different features.

Most have a stainless steel probe and a clear easy to read display some even have different colour for food regulations.

Infrared Thermometers

Non-contact thermometer is a instrument which use thermal radiation to measure the temperature of the surface it's directed to for its readings.
The non-contact option means that there is less risk involved as it allows for the operator to have some distance between themselves and the surface being assessed.

These are used amongst many professions such as fire fighters seeking out hot spots in a call out, helping them identify the source of a fire incident.
Medical professions use a non-contact thermometer to measure body temperature when hygiene in paramount and are easier to use then old style medical thermometers. 

For body temperature we find some of the best makes in the world are best like Braun Thermometers.

Calibrated Thermometers

Calibrated thermometers allow you to obtain accurate temperature readings in a range of situations.

Our comprehensive range of calibrated thermometers allows you to get readings that you can rely on.

To give you peace of mind in your industry’s technical tools or to meet your industry regulations, 
our Calibrated Fridge Thermometer can help you comply with HMRA regulations as they and the rest of our calibrated thermometer have been calibrated to the National Standards in an independent calibration laboratory. Each calibrated thermometer is supplied with a calibration certification, which ensures that you’ll have written confirmation that you are receiving a reliable thermometer.

Whether you are in the medical or catering industry or even require a calibrated instrument be it home use or office 
here at Thermometers direct we have selected a wide variety of calibrated thermometers from leading manufacturers such as Comark and ETI in order to give you the best possible choice.

Each calibrated thermometer comes with a traced calibration certificate with at least 10 months history (unless otherwise advised) and within a set temperature range. 
If your industry requires a Full UKAS Certificate on the thermometers we now have a range of FULL UKAS Thermometer to purchase from the web site.


If you have any questions about our UKAS calibration certificates or our products please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


Fridge and freezer Thermometers

Allow you to monitor the temperature range at which you store food and medicines in order to maintain quality and comply with industry regulations. 

Whether you work as part of a pharmacy, catering business, a retailer or are simply looking for freezer or fridge thermometer for home use we’ve chosen a wide range of fridge & freezer thermometers to suit your needs and gives an accurate reading.

We offer a selection of both digital thermometer and analogue thermometers suitable for fridges and freezers. 
Our analogue fridge and freezer thermometers can be fitted and left in place; these include both dial and stick on designs. Many also come with Maximum and Minimum with Temperature range suitable for Fridge and Freezer and these read the air temperature from inside the fridge

Get the temperatures correct will slow any bacterial growth while being reliable and robust

Digital Fridge & Freezer thermometer

Have a higher accuracy rate with the option of alarms to alert your attention to the incorrect storage temperature range. When storing medical liquid and equipment, continuous regulation of the Fridge & Freezer temperature is essential for the nature of the products stored.

You may also require a thermometer calibration certificate, which many of our thermometers can be supplied with.

Waterproof Thermometers

We have ones that fit in a pocket or larger hand held thermometers.

We offer value for money thermometers at Thermometers Direct. Almost any liquid can be used to measure the temperature range with a thermometer. These can be used to test running water for baths or even legionella temperature checking for the correct temperature range.

To save battery life some units have auto power off functions

Legionella Thermometer & Legionella Thermometer Kits

Here at Thermometers Direct, we understand the importance of the prevention of Legionnaire’s Disease, therefore, we have selected a large range of Legionella thermometers to help regulate water temperature and test for risk.

Legionnaire’s disease begins to form when the storage of water is at the incorrect temperature. 
The bacteria associated with Legionnaire’s disease commonly forms and rapidly multiplies in temperature range between 20°C to 45°C as this is the optimum temperature for growth.

Many thermometer kits come with a storage case for your device.

With many different features including some with Celsius and Fahrenheit readings ideal for your water to be monitored for temperature range with a thermometer.

Most have a small stainless steel probe on the thermometer and a clear easy to read display. To save battery life some units have auto power off functions

Thermometer Accessories

Such as probe wipes, temperature log books, K-Type Probes with different temperature range just to name a few we also stock at great prices

If you can't find what you need, please email or give us a ring, if we can't help we will know who can.


Medical Thermometers

Accurately monitor body temperature with our medical thermometers. Designed for personal or professional use, our reliable thermometers provide precise readings and quick results. Ensure accurate body temperature measurement with ease using our user-friendly thermometers.

Looking for accurate body temperature measurement? Our medical thermometers are your trusted solution. With precise readings, our thermometers help you monitor body temperature with confidence. Whether for personal or professional use, our reliable thermometers ensure accurate results every time. Designed with user convenience in mind, our medical thermometers are easy to use and provide quick results. Invest in the best for accurate body temperature monitoring. Choose our medical thermometers today and prioritize health and well-being you body temperature will let you know if you are ill or even becoming ill by monitoring the body temperature with temperature range.


23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years .. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.