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Thermometers Direct provides an enormous range of water thermometers at reasonable prices. Our water thermometers are of very high standards and always provides accurate and reliable readings of the water temperature. The water thermometer range we have can give you swift readings which save your time. As one of the best water thermometer providers out there, we maintain our quality and are consistent with our efforts.
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Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer
Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer
Bath Scoop Thermometer
Bath Thermometer | ETI 803-665
Bath Thermometer | ETI 803-665

Digital Waterproof Thermometer - Waterproof Digital -

Thermometers Direct has a wide assortment of brands to choose from. Choose the brand that you think is capable of fulfilling your diverse needs. In our water thermometer range, we have brands such as Brannan, Comark, ETI, Koch, Zeal, including our own Thermometers Direct waterproof thermometers. All these brands are chosen keeping in mind the quality we have always promised to deliver to our esteemed customers. The water thermometers provided by Thermometers Direct and other brands are accurate, reliable and up to date with the latest technology.

All of our waterproof thermometers are proven to stay damage-free for long periods of time. The waterproof setting allows the thermometer to be used any way you want without worrying about damaging the device. Waterproof thermometers are the best for measuring temperatures of water and other items containing it. Thermometers Direct offers value for your money and provides reliable products. We sense our customers’ needs perfectly and have been delivering products that are tailored to these needs since 2004.

We provide water thermometers which include bath and swimming pool thermometers. These are suitable for measuring temperatures of large water bodies. Our water thermometer range also includes catering thermometers for measuring the temperatures of foods and drinks, hot or cold. We also provide Legionella testing kits that help you ensure that the water which you consume or use is safe from the bacteria. Our aquarium thermometers, from our water thermometer range, allow you to maintain the temperature of the water your fish inhabit. You may be a professional pet shop owner or just a pet owner, an aquarium thermometer is what you need to ensure the survival of your fish. All of our water thermometers are portable, with digital screens to make it easier to get readings, and are easily affordable.

You may be a science student, a working professional or a home-based cook, irrespective of the field you work in, a water thermometer is needed frequently. Let Thermometers Direct come to your aid; we have the best water thermometers in the industry. If you love to cook, a water thermometer is essential as it allows you to gauge the temperature of the water to identify the timing to move on to the next step. You might need to check the temperature of the water to kill bacteria for sterilisation. You may work in a laboratory where use of water thermometers is essential in nearly every experiment or test you do. A situation might arise that requires you to read the temperature of water in order to keep it at an exact, constant temperature. Regardless of the use, a water thermometer is essential for households, science labs, swimming pools, elderly care centres, day cares, or wherever you may need it.

Thermometers Direct stocks one of the finest ranges of waterproof digital thermometers. We stock a large assortment of water thermometers which are of extraordinary quality and give you value for your money. We have chosen suppliers that are very dependable and consistent. They help us get the best water thermometers for you. Our water thermometers are essential for your kitchen or lab so that you can correctly measure water temperature and achieve your goals.

Our wide range also includes catering thermometers which allow you to measure temperature of large food quantities. For people who own a food business, this thermometer is essential. Cooking a large order can prove to be difficult; the procedure has to be thorough. The process can be pains taking and precision is very important. All food items contain water and hence, our water thermometers include the catering thermometers. This product by Thermometers Direct is perfect for your cooking and catering requirements. Many of these are probe Thermometers with penetration probe and fast response

Select our range of water thermometers to check and measure the temperature of your food. To get that perfect quality, and superb taste, the accurate temperature has to be known. Stop worrying about overcooking your food and buy this thermometer from our range now. With owning a food business, comes a huge responsibility of delivering quality and maintaining it consistently. Most of the time, the food has to be at a certain temperature before we add other ingredients to get an impeccable flavour. Here is where our thermometers can assist you. Say goodbye to the incessant worrying and let us help you to deliver excellence to your customers.

Our water thermometer range includes waterproof thermometers so that you don’t have to worry about the water damaging your thermometer. We provide different water thermometers, with a digital or calibrated scale, to suit your needs. Our water thermometer product range includes the Waterproof Thermometer Digital Pocket Style, which is pocket sized for portability. Gone are the days when thermometers had to be bulky and large. This small device is perfectly capable of providing precise, reliable readings. This water thermometer is ideal for measuring the temperature of all water-based items like food and drinks. It can also be used to measure the temperature of swimming pools and hot tubs. The digital screen makes it easy to read; rather than using a scale and worrying about errors and wrong readings, choose a water thermometer with a digital screen to make life easier.

The temperature range of this thermometer is from -50°C to +150°C, and it has a long 10cm probe which makes sure that your hand is not near the item you’re measuring the temperature of. It also allows you to measure temperatures of spots that are farther away. The best part about this water thermometer is that it is completely waterproof and comes with a probe cover which protects the thermometer when you are not using it. Another feature that makes your life easier is the dual unit this thermometer utilises. It gives readings in both °C and °F and this reduces your work. Gone are the days when you had to measure a temperature in °F and then use a calculator to convert it to °C. Thermometers Direct makes sure that our customers get the best water thermometers.

The next waterproof thermometer in our water thermometer range is the fridge and freezer thermometer. The reason most people buy these thermometers is to maintain the temperature of their refrigerators. Keeping the temperature of a fridge or freezer at a certain level can be tough but the requirement to do so is obligatory. Freezers have to be kept at -18°C (0°F) to keep the frozen items perfect to eat. At this temperature, most frozen foods will keep for a year. If the temperature keeps falling below this level, the food may turn bad in lesser time. This will cause high wastage of food and money. Same goes for the fridge; it has to be kept at 4.5°C (40°F) to maintain the freshness of the food and make it last longer.

Our fridge and freezer thermometer is the best to suit your needs. Most refrigerators do not come with a thermometer and this device can fill that gap easily. Choose Thermometers Direct for buying a fridge and freezer thermometer and never look back. These devices allow you to keep your food fresh and edible while elongating the food’s life. At these temperatures, most bacteria are not able to reproduce which stops the food from decaying. The sensor of this thermometer is kept inside the fridge while the display is outside. This means that you don’t have to open the fridge to check the temperature again and again. With all these benefits and an affordable price, these thermometers are not to be missed.

Thermometers Direct also offers bath thermometers for its valued customers. Taking care of babies or elders can involve giving them a bath at the perfect temperature. As parents or caregivers, you need to make sure that the water is at the right temperature and is not too hot or too cold for them. It may give them fever if it’s too cold and if they are ill, taking care of them becomes all the more imperative. Scalding water may also damage the baby’s or elderly’s skin so it is wise to make sure the water is at the optimum temperature using one of our bath thermometers. They come with a huge display screen which makes it easier to read off the measured temperature. There are also floating bath thermometers that give the readings throughout the time you’re bathing. This ensures that the water stays at the current level and if it’s getting cold, you try to raise it. The thermometers are water proof and don’t get damaged by the water they are submerged in. Floating thermometers allow the parent or caregiver to be aware of all the changes in the temperature of the bath water.

We also provide aquarium thermometers in our water thermometer range. These help you to detect the temperature changes in the water inhabited by your fishes. Regardless of whether you own a pet shop which sells fishes or if you’re just an enthusiast who loves these animals, an aquarium thermometer is one of the essentials. You can stick the thermometer to the outside of your fish tank and it will measure the temperature instantly. An aquarium thermometer helps to make sure that the temperature of the water remains constant and is not too hot or cold for the fish. This wireless, waterproof thermometer is the best there is. Without the wires, it becomes better looking and easier to handle. For a hassle-free pet-keeping experience, you can select our aquarium thermometer to keep your fish happy. It has a digital screen with huge digits to make reading easier. Affordably priced, this gadget deserves a place on your aquarium.

The next item on our water thermometer product range is the Legionella Temperature Testing Kits. Our range of Legionella Temperature Testing Kits is the best of the available options. This cost effective tool helps you to protect yourself from Legionella. This bacterium causes a severe form of pneumonia which is caused by breathing in small droplets of water contaminated with the strain of these bacteria. Any kind of water contaminated with such bacteria is likely to be a threat to your health. A temperature of 20°C and 45°C is enough for this bacteria to survive and at temperatures higher than these, the bacteria is killed. Hence, hot water sources have to be maintained at a constant temperature that is detrimental to this bacterium. Water thermometers should be used to maintain the water distribution system at 50°C and any water heater should be kept over 60°C.

Waterproof Thermometer - Accessories

Our wide range of water thermometers has this essential kit that will help you keep you and your loved ones safe. A Legionella thermometer are designed specifically for testing water for legionella. Designed for probing the water in pipes and water storage systems, this kit is all you need for testing the water for legionella. The kit has waterproof thermometers which allow it to stay safe from damage. This water thermometer is very portable and easy to carry. 

Comark range has a range of waterproof  Thermometers

All of these Waterproof  thermometers are regularly stocked and are bought keeping in mind the needs of our customers. Choose Thermometers Direct today and allow us to cater to your needs of water thermometers.

23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years ….. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.