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Glass Thermometers

Glass thermometers are designed for measuring body temperature whether it is orally taken or through insertion of the rectum. Glass thermometers have two different coloured spirits to differentiate the between the two applications with blue suited to oral use and red suited red for rectal use. Glass thermometers are inexpensive and portable making them ideal to store at home as part of your home first aid kit. In our glass thermometer range we have included multipacks designed for the medical profession which represent exceptional value.

Coloured alcohol spirits are commonly found inside glass thermometers instead of mercury due to concerns over mercury’s toxicity.

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14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

01 May 2023  |  Richard

I thought this was good until I purchased a SwitchBot bluetooth thermometer/hygrometer. The problem is that it cannot be user calibrated and you only know the absolute minimum and maximum temperatures. In reality, you need to know what is the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse hour by hour and to receive alerts to warn you to adjust ventilation. This kind of min/max thermometer was ok around 100 years ago, but for the same price you can do much better. I can check my greenhouse temperature (and humidity) from my living room armchair. Then decide if I need to pop out and open/close the ventilation or pop the shade over on hotter days. My other big problem is that the calibration is out by around 10C and cannot be adjusted. Sorry, but SwitchBot wins by a country mile.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.

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