Hand Held Thermometers

Hand Held Thermometers

Give's you the flexibility and freedom of movement when carrying out your temperature research.
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Water Thermometer | Black Digital Waterproof

Water Thermometer | Black Digital Waterproof£27.36More Info  (15)

Comark KM330 Legionella Water Thermometer Kit

Comark KM330 Legionella Water Thermometer Kit£123.00More Info  (4)

Infra-Red Thermometer Pocket IR77

Infra-Red Thermometer Pocket IR77£30.24   £16.00More Info

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer£21.00   £7.00More Info  (1)

Chocolate Thermometer with Alarm

Chocolate Thermometer with Alarm£16.20More Info  (2)

Folding Waterproof Thermometer

Folding Waterproof Thermometer£14.28   £12.00More Info  (1)

K Type Thermometer with Rubber Jacket

K Type Thermometer with Rubber Jacket£39.96   £23.00More Info  (3)

Comark Food Pro Infrared Thermometer

Comark Food Pro Infrared Thermometer£75.00More Info  (1)

Comark High Accuracy Reference Thermometer PT100

Comark High Accuracy Reference Thermometer PT100£279.60   £240.00More Info  (1)

Comark KM814 Infrared Thermometer

Comark KM814 Infrared Thermometer£101.64   £88.00More Info

Comark KM814FS Infrared Thermometer

Comark KM814FS Infrared Thermometer£108.00More Info

Digital Kitchen Thermometer

Digital Kitchen Thermometer£18.00   £9.00More Info  (1)

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930£18.00More Info  (19)

Infrared Thermometer RayTemp™ 3

Infrared Thermometer RayTemp™ 3£72.00More Info

Portable Hygro Thermometer

Portable Hygro Thermometer£12.00More Info  (1)

ReCalibratable Thermometer

ReCalibratable Thermometer£14.00More Info  (4)

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Page 1 of 1:    31 Items

Digital Handheld Thermometers

In our hand held thermometers range we have included infrared thermometers, digital thermometers, thermometers with probes, calibrated thermometers and waterproof thermometers. Hand Held Thermometers are easy to use, compact and portable making them ideal for a wide range of uses and industries whether it is pharmaceutical or medical use, catering use, social care use, hospitality use or plumbing, electrical or building use, there will be a hand held thermometer ideal for you.