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Traceable or UKAS Calibration?

Absolute Calibration UKAS ISO17025 accreditation assures the customer that all measuring equipment has an unbroken chain of traceability back to national standards, therefore by definition all calibrations performed by Absolute Calibration are traceable to national standards. If your quality assessor asks you to demonstrate traceability, you have already achieved this by using Absolute Calibration.

In our experience there is increasing confusion over whether companies require UKAS calibration certificates or calibration certificates traceable to national standards.

If your quality assessor instructs you to have your instruments calibrated to UKAS, please ask if that means an actual UKAS calibration certificate or traceable to national standards. If you are unsure please check with the governing body of your industry. If your customer or regulatory body does not require you to have a UKAS calibration certificate then it is up to you to decide if which type of calibration satisfies your production and quality requirements.

We can get any digital thermometer calibrated at a cost of £35 Inc VAT each for a 2 point, traceable to national standards
or £66 Inc VAT each for a 3 point FULL UKAS Certificate. Charges are for pass or fail of your thermometer.
You will need to send us the thermometer and turnaround is approximately 3-4 weeks

We do have range of pre calibrated thermometers in stock, however we don't have Full UKAS in stock, these are calibrated to order and would be approximately 2-3 weeks turnaround.

Below is a copy of a Traceable Calibration Certificate