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Room thermometers are important to have in all working environments to ensure safe and legal working conditions. Room thermometers allow the temperature of the working environment to be assessed continuously and action to be taken accordingly. They are also popular for home use especially for controlling the temperature of a baby’s room.

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ETI Wooden Room Thermometer | 803-292
ETI Wooden Room Thermometer | 803-292
Room Thermometer Max Min | ETI 810-121
Room Thermometer Max Min | ETI 810-121
Wall Thermometer | ETI 803-232
Wall Thermometer | ETI 803-232

Shop Thermometers and Office Thermometers

There are a few different types of room thermometer available; we have put together a selection of the best of each type to cater for your specific needs. You can choose from stand alone room thermometers that can be placed on any surface, wall thermometers that can be hung in a convenient position and data loggers which can store information about room temperatures.

In a shop, both on the shop floor and in the warehouse the room temperature can affect the product quality therefore to prevent loss a room thermometer can monitor the temperature continuously. The regulation of this can save you both time and money, and most importantly it keeps your customers happy with the quality of your products.

In an office it is important to monitor the room temperature both for comfort of your employees and any temperature sensitive equipment. Similarly to a warehouses conditions, a room thermometer can assist with is monitoring the temperature to ensure the heat does not exceed a certain temperature.

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23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years .. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.