Medical Thermometer Range

Medical Thermometer Range

Thermometers Direct

Stocks a variety of medical thermometers that can be are convenient to use at home as well in the office. Can be used for numerous purposes as we have a range of Ear Thermometer, Oral Thermometer, Rectal Thermometer, axillary Thermometer (Armpit) to measure your body temperature by which ever method you require.
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Braun Digital thermometer with Age Precision

Braun Digital thermometer with Age Precision£16.20More Info  (1)

Braun Thermoscan IRT 6020 Ear Thermometer

Braun Thermoscan IRT 6020 Ear Thermometer£38.00More Info  (1)

Digital Clinical Thermometer | Digi Temp

Digital Clinical Thermometer | Digi Temp£3.48More Info  (6)

Basal Thermometer | Geratherm® Basal Digital

Basal Thermometer | Geratherm® Basal Digital£12.00More Info  (1)

Braun Thermoscan covers

Braun Thermoscan covers£2.40More Info

Geratherm® Classic XL- Medical Thermometer

Geratherm® Classic XL- Medical Thermometer£5.40   £4.00More Info  (13)

Geratherm® Duotemp Infrared Ear Thermometer

Geratherm® Duotemp Infrared Ear Thermometer£20.00More Info  (2)

InfraRed Thermometer, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer DT-8806

InfraRed Thermometer, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer DT-8806£39.36   £22.00More Info  (3)

LCD Forehead Thermometer

LCD Forehead Thermometer£1.92More Info  (1)

Oral Thermometer | Geratherm® Rapid

Oral Thermometer | Geratherm® Rapid£6.00More Info  (5)

TempTeller CT-31 Ear Thermometer

TempTeller CT-31 Ear Thermometer£12.00   £4.00More Info  (1)

TH809 Personal Ear Thermometer

TH809 Personal Ear Thermometer£19.20More Info  (1)

TH809 Spare Covers

TH809 Spare Covers£4.80More Info  (1)

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Medical Thermometer

Medical thermometers
are an important diagnostic and assessment tools for various illnesses. Medical thermometer is available as infra-red thermometers, liquid thermometers or electronic or digital thermometers. Thermometers Direct offers all kinds of medical thermometers for different applications, and you choose from their wide range, a medical thermometer that best suits your needs. Care should be taken while selecting a medical thermometer with respect to its use and the user’s requirements. You may always go for a medical thermometer that you find accurate to serve your purpose.

You might choose a medical thermometer that you find more convenient and comfortable to use. For instance, if you are more comfortable with measuring your temperature by placing the medical thermometer under your armpit, you may opt for a liquid-filled thermometer. But a digital or electronic thermometer will be more suitable for one who finds placing the medical thermometer under the tongue to measure the temperature. Similarly, if you find neither of the two an appropriate method to measure temperature, you may opt for an infra-red medical thermometer, which you would need to place in your ear or on your forehead. Thermometers Directs provides a variety of medical thermometers to enable you to choose a thermometer that you may find ideal for your specific use.

The use of medical thermometers is not only restricted to measuring body temperature. In fact, in the medical field they are an essential to ensure the safe and secure storage of medical equipment. Medical thermometer is also used to ensure compliance to industry regulation and for ensuring complete and thorough patient care. At Thermometers Direct we understand the extensive and diverse use of medical thermometers and bring into your reach a variety of medical thermometers for you to select from and use these as per your requirements.

Thermometers Direct strives to assist you in the use of medical thermometers in every way possible. We have designed and formulated numerous types of medical thermometers to enable you to use them effectively at your homes. Our thermometers are designed to not only facilitate medical professionals, but we also consider the convenience of domestic users while we provide our consumers with medical thermometers of reliable quality.

Thermometers Direct has a team of experts that has proficient knowledge of the medical field and its complexities. At Thermometers Direct, we understand the sensitivity of certain medication towards temperature. If these medicines are not kept within the prescribed range of temperature, they would go through chemical change and would be rendered invalid for use. If such medicines are taken by a patient, they can have adverse effects on the patient’s health and any negligence with respect to the maintenance of their storage temperature can cause serious damage. Understanding the gravity of the matter, at Thermometers Direct, our wide range of medical thermometers also includes pharmacy fridge thermometers to assist pharmacies in long term and effective storage of medicines. Thermometers Direct also offers full option of UKAS calibration for pharmacy fridge thermometers to ensure that pharmacies are able to comply with the regulatory storage code of the industry, if required.

Apart from serving industrial purposes, Thermometers Direct also offers a variety of medical thermometers that are convenient for domestic use. We offer specifically designed medical thermometer that is safe and easy to carry and keep in a first aid kit, to be used whenever needed. Thermometers Direct also offers medical thermometers that are classified on the basis of measuring body temperatures of adults, children and infants. We, at Thermometers Direct, also realise the importance of hygiene, especially in the case of medical thermometers. Cleanliness and hygiene are important for ensuring good health conditions, and hygiene needs to be taken extra care of when the use of medical thermometers involves a child or an infant. Direct Thermometers strives to comply with all health and safety standards to ensure better hygiene of our consumers, and eventually their better health.

At Thermometers Direct, we make your health, convenience and ease our priority and strive to provide you with medical thermometers that are extremely easy and convenient to use, at very reasonable price. The digital ear thermometer, offered at Thermometers Direct is one such example, which is a medical thermometer that provides the user with ease of functioning at a price that is worth the product and ease that it offers.

Apart from medical thermometers, Thermometers Direct also offers thermometers that are used in fields other than the medical field. At Thermometers Direct, we offer water proof bath thermometer to facilitate all those who are under the care of others and are dependent on others for their needs. They effectively measure the temperature of the water to be used for the bath. Our huge range of cooking thermometers efficiently assists those who are interested in baking and cooking and do not want to take any chances regarding the quality and taste of the food. Thermometers Direct also offers many other temperature measuring devices for domestic and industrial purposes. Room thermometers, offered by Thermometers Direct, can be used to ensure healthy and safe work environments.

Thermometers Direct aims to provide its consumers with best quality thermometers at reasonable costs. Our Range of brands like the Geratherm units are durable and provides the users with accurate and authentic readings. At Thermometers Direct, we take in to consideration our consumers’ requirements and provide them with a wide range to avail those to suit their needs. We are here to help you of quality maintenance and our experts are available to assist you at all times.

Friday, 15 December 2017  |  Petrica

It is a very good and accuracy thermometer! I am very glad I bought it.

Maverick is amazing
Thursday, 14 December 2017  |  Eldon

Using this with Akorn Chargrill, already smoked a pork shoulder and a beef brisket. The Maverick is excellent and saves all that walking up and down checking temperatures ... Just great!

Amazing product and service
Wednesday, 13 December 2017  |  Sally

This thermometer is perfect, just what i wanted.
Its really easy and simple to use, its completely waterproof which is amazing, it makes it so much easier to use and to clean as you don't have to worry about having wet hands or dropping it in the sink.
The packaging was really good quality and the speed of postage was exceptional. Estimated delivery was the Wednesday and it arrived 2 days earlier on the Monday - impressive.
Both the product and service are outstanding and i would highly recommend. Prices are extremely good and competative, im extremely pleased with my purchase.
Many thanks