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Comark thermometers range includes some of the highest quality thermometers on the market. With over 50 years of experience, Comark manufacturers a wide variety of thermometers suitable for many domestic and industrial uses, and will aid compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

The range includes a huge selection of cooking, fridge/freezer, oven, high accuracy and infra red Comark thermometers, some available with BioCote® antimicrobial protection to assure high health and safety standards.

If you require a large volume of thermometers we can provide additional discounts please contact us to discuss.

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Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer
Comark PDQ400 Waterproof Thermometer
Comark KM814 Infrared HVAC Thermometer
Comark KM814 Infrared HVAC Thermometer
Oven Thermometer Comark DOT2AK
Oven Thermometer Comark DOT2AK
Thermometers Direct offer a wide range of to its customers to choose from, for various industrial purposes.
At Thermometers Direct, we have a variety of high quality and reliable Comark Thermometers that are effective in serving all business and industrial purposes. You may employ a Comark Thermometer to measure temperature during food manufacture or you may use it during food processing.

Our Comark Thermometers specialise in facilitating temperature control and regulation in the catering industry.

All of the Comark Thermometers at Thermometers Direct are supplied to comply with the standards of high quality assurance and health and safety standards, some equipped with BioCote® antimicrobial protection.

The wide variety of Comark Thermometer range that Thermometers Direct stocks, includes, Comark Fridge Thermometers, Comark Oven Thermometers, waterproof Comark Thermometers and various others. You may approach us to purchase a Comark Thermometer that suits your needs and requirements, at a very reasonable price.


Comark Thermometer Range

The wide variety of Comark Thermometers, available at Thermometers Direct, includes thermometers of various specifications including PDQ 400 which is a waterproof unit  and Catercheck 3 food Thermometer. Depending on their specialised designs and structures, you may use a PDQ 400 or a Catercheck 3, whichever better suits your requirements We also have many more thermometers in the range, but these are the best selling thermometers of the Comark range we have in stock. A major UK manufacture mainly makes food thermometers for the catering industry.

To avoid and prevent the risk of cross contamination, most of the Comark range at Thermometers Direct are infused with the latest BioCote® antimicrobial technology on the surface of the thermometers, and on their keypads and probe handles. You may rely on Thermometers Direct to provide you with products of high quality which meet all the necessary health and safety requirements.

Comark Thermometers

Have specific utility with respect to serving various purposes in the catering and food industry. For instance, a Thermometer may be used to acquire and record temperature readings during the food manufacturing processes of sauces, for quality control and assurance of food in hospitals or during food processing procedures, such as in chicken processing plants.

A Comark Thermometers effectively serves the purpose of measuring temperature and humidity levels in the catering and food industry and also facilitates food monitoring activities. Today Comark Thermometers,  are used extensively in the catering and food industry due to their efficient performance and increased utility. There are various types that are specialised to be used for various purposes in varying environments, for example using a Food Pro Plus with Integral Probe Infrared Thermometer in a particular setting and for a specific purpose may prove to be more useful than using a KM14 Digital Submersible Mini Thermometer

Temperature and humidity measurement, with the Comark DTH880 a Combined Humidity Meter and Thermometer due to its considerable importance in the food supply chain, has gained increased significance in the food and catering industry, as the regulatory bodies have increased strictness with respect to the maintenance and assurance of hygiene and safety standards. Various organisations, in order to meet the set standards of various regulatory bodies, have been relying on the readings of Comark Thermometers to avoid any complications and legal problems in the future.

Comark has a range of infrared thermometers for the food and catering industry. The food proplus infrared thermometer has a integrated probe to be able to reach the core temperature of a product the food pro range also has a unit with out the integrated probe and this is called just The Food Pro infrared thermometer. In the Infa-red range also is the KM814 and KM814s The KM814 is for general use and the KM814's for food control.

For Legionella water temperature testing we have Comark instrument kits these are the KM330 a compressive kit with all the probes need, but no calibration but there is also the C28 Legionella kit which does have a calibration certificate supplied with the unit and a very robust carry case so not to damage your expensive instrument both are great for taking water temperatures to comply with the current legionnaires regulations.

It often happens that companies operating in the food industry face difficulties in carrying out spot checks when working with busy production lines. Spot checks are temperature and humidity measurements that are vital in determining the maintenance of established hygiene, health and safety standards. To counter such problems, We  try and provide its customer with efficient and resilient products that are able to provide accurate temperature and humidity readings, while coping with harsh and tough environmental conditions.

Thermometers Direct supply Comark thermometers that serves diversified purposes of measuring core, liquid, air and surface temperatures. Depending on your requirements, needs and the environmental conditions that you expect the instruments to be used in, you may opt for a suitable instrument of particular specifications, to effectively and efficiently facilitate your industrial operations.

Comark thermometers are also effective in providing accurate readings concerned with food distribution and food storage. For instance, you may require a suitable Instrument to be used for an extended period of time, in order to facilitate your operations, monitoring critical points all through a process or a factory.

Comark Thermometers are also ideal for quick temperature readings that are non-destructive. Comark Thermometers with the specific purpose of providing non-destructive, quick and accurate readings can be typically used in goods receiving areas, chill cabinets and freezers.

Comark Thermometers, due to their diversified operative abilities, have earned a pivotal position in the food industry and are used for numerous purposes ranging from measuring meat roasting temperatures to measuring steam table temperatures. They vary in design and specifications for specialised utility and functioning, for instance having a thin tip for fast response measurements some with max hold feature other units has fixed probes or probes on a cable.

Most of the instruments are designed with the approach of increased utility and facility, ensuring the convenience of holding and are manufactured to resist extreme environmental conditions. These Comark temperature instruments are designed and manufactured to show enough sensitivity for providing accurate and quick temperature and humidity measurement readings and are built to put up with the harsh environmental conditions, entailing the food and catering industry.

Thermometers Direct stocks various Comark Thermometers of different specifications to be used for numerous purposes in the food and catering industries. At Thermometers Direct, we a have all kinds of thermometers of fine quality, including freezer Thermometers, waterproof thermometers, Oven thermometers, fridge thermometers and various others. Thermometers Direct believe in facilitating its customers in all the concerned areas of thermometer supply, selection and use, and our team of able professionals can be of significant assistance in briefing about and providing you with a suitable thermometer that meets your requirements.

A PDQ 400 is a thin-tipped, digital, hand-held thermometer, capable of providing quick and accurate temperature readings. These are waterproof thermometers and their resistance to water damage adds to their value to be used in food industry. This also implies the increased efficiency  in measuring liquid temperatures.

With their thin tips, they are an ideal choice to be used for measuring temperatures of thin products, for example burgers. Furthermore, thin tips of  make them time efficient, enabling them to provide accurate temperature readings, taking no more than a time period of 5 seconds. You may rely provide you with accurate readings, facilitating your industrial operations and food manufacturing functions, These are  designed to work with increased efficiency and provide highly accurate readings, showing accuracy up to 1°F or 0.5°C. This unit can also be field calibrated so no need to be carrying large calibration equipment.

A PDQ 400 Thermometer is further made competent with the providence of a considerable temperature range. Capable to measuring temperatures ranging from -4°F to 400°F or -20°C to 200°C. You may not only seek assistance in acquiring quick and accurate temperature readings, but it may further facilitate your industrial operations through time and energy conservation. Which are  also equipped with high performance elements which also ensure its longer battery life, such as the auto turn off feature that plays an elemental role in energy conservation.

Moreover, a PDQ 400 Thermometer also provides the convenience and ease of mobility and portability. The slim and compact structure of PDQ 400 Comark Thermometers allows the users to easily carry these along them, as they can be easily accommodated within the carrier’s pocket.

A PDQ 400 is aided by the techniques of modern technology to function in a more user friendly manner. With a inbuilt hold function on the unit they are able to hold onto a particular reading or chunk of data, in order to freeze the information for the facilitation of the user. In addition, all PDQ 400 Thermometers are provided with the BioCote® anti-microbial protection to prevent any potential risks of cross-contamination. A fantastic and well made and designed to comply with all the established standards of safety, health and hygiene, making them a suitable and safe product to be used in the food industry. The BioCote® anti-microbial protection ensures that the thermometers are effectively used in the food industry, not only facilitating the industrial processes but warranting that the manufactured or processed food products which are supplied are in conformity with the requirements and conditions of the food and safety regulatory bodies. A PDQ 400 Thermometer, due to its increased functionality and utility, as well as its endurance towards tough environmental condition and fulfilling of hygiene and safety requirements have made it a viable choice to be used in the food industry.

Another example of Comark Thermometers is Catercheck 3 Thermometers. A highly accurate unit and is designed to carry a penetration probe for the measuring of temperature and humidity levels. Like PDQ 400 Comark Thermometers, Catercheck 3 Thermometers are also a good choice to be used in the food industry. A Catercheck 3 Comark Thermometer is efficient in providing accurate readings in the fields of catering and food service applications and food manufacturing. Furthermore, Catercheck 3 Comark Thermometers have also gained popularity and become a preferred choice among many due to their economic price range and usability.

A Catercheck 3 Thermometer is manufactured to facilitate the operational and functional ease for the user, with the providence of a single on/off switch, which makes the use of the instrument extremely easy and convenient. Catercheck 3 Thermometers are further facilitated with the addition of a clear LCD display of sufficiently large dimensions, which increases the legibility of the readings for the users. A Catercheck 3 Thermometer is not only an economical option in terms of cost, but it can effectively serve to save operational costs. Catercheck 3 Thermometers have a longer battery life, of up to 5 years, leading to the consequential saving of operational costs.

The sensory probe connected is fixed to the thermometer permanently. The permanently fixed probe resultantly works to avoid any chances of losing the probe. Catercheck 3 Thermometers are also equipped with temperature sensitive resistors, called thermistors. The presence of a thermistor adds to its temperature sensitivity, making it a better option to be used for applications that demand higher accuracy.

Like PDQ 400 Comark Thermometers, Catercheck 3 Thermometers too function on the principle of energy conservation.  provided with an auto-off switch which works to conserve energy and ensures longer battery life, facilitating the users financially. Catercheck 3 Comark Thermometers are able to show resilience towards tough environmental conditions. The endurance of the unit is enhanced by its outer robust and protective casing. The protective casings of Catercheck 3 Comark Thermometers adds to their durability and resilience, making them dustproof and waterproof. The thermometer is programmed to measure temperature and provide readings in Celcius scale, and like other Comark Thermometers, Catercheck 3 Thermometer are also provided with the BioCote® anti-microbial protective shield. The BioCote® anti-microbial protective shield reduces or eliminates any probable chances of cross-contamination, making it a safer and healthier choice to be used in the food industry. Catercheck 3 thermometers are designed to provide you with operational facilities along with complying with the established safety and hygiene standards.

Comark instruments can help with compliance off the legislative and regulatory requirements, with the majority of the business aimed within the Food Industry. The product range has options to suit any size of operation from food manufacture, production and service with over 50 years manufacturing experience as a leading international manufacturer and very well known for its high quality and precision thermometers which has supplies over one million instruments per year through out the world. The thermometers are also used in other industrial sectors including healthcare, scientific research, laboratories, HVAC and refrigeration.

Thermometers Direct is committed to providing you with high quality thermometers of various specifications at very reasonable costs.

23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years .. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.