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The oven is one of the most-used kitchen appliances. Over the centuries, ovens have been redesigned, from clay to steel, from wood to electricity – the oven has come in various shapes and sizes.

However, now one of the main features on an oven is the oven thermometer. The pre-set oven thermometer cooks your food at the heat you specify. At the same time, is your oven thermometer accurate and is it cooking your food at the specified temperature? Unless you have a brand new oven, or you regularly calibrate it, the chances are it is not.

Why do I have to buy a separate oven thermometer?

Oven thermometers with built in thermometer gauges will set the temperature to what it believes to be accurate. However, over time, the set temperature can edit. Therefore, you might find that even though you are following instructions your food is undercooked or burned when the time runs out.

If you want a perfectly cooked dish, try an external thermometer to guarantee an accurate reading of both the inside of the over and (if safe) the food in the oven. In the modern kitchen, an oven cannot function without a temperature reading mechanism.

Built in thermometers lose calibration over time. Just like most other gadgets and objects that are used a lot, built in thermometers lose their calibration. Generally, the difference is noticeable after 18 months, which means if you have an oven over 18 months old it is more than likely your temperature calibration is off by some distance.

Therefore, if you set the temperature to 200, as far as you are aware your oven is cooking your food at 200, but in reality, it might be more like 180. Unsurprisingly, this disparity increases over time and with more use.

We all know that cooking at the right temperature increases the taste of the food and that undercooking a meal is dangerous and overcooking a meal can ruin it.

Oven users who do not know this is the case could get bewildered as to why their cooking has started to taste different. A proper reading provided by oven thermometers will allow you to rectify any sync error in the oven thermometer reading.

It is important you own an external oven thermometer for your health

Cooking at the wrong temperature may lead to serious issues like food poisoning. If your oven is not cooking at the right temperature, any bacteria present in the food could multiply instead of being destroyed. Having an external oven thermometer to confirm the internal temperature will stop any of these potential issues.

Food poisoning will lead to digestive problems, indigestion and persistent vomiting, which is not at all a pleasant experience. A proper temperature reading provided by a good oven thermometer helps you to understand the true temperature of the oven, and the food cooking temperature.

Using an oven thermometer for baking

Furthermore, if you enjoy baking, you will know it is important that the temperature is spot on at all times. Baking cookies, cakes and other foodstuffs involves many challenges. The ingredients need to be perfect, the mix should be perfect, and most importantly the temperature needs to be accurate.

If your oven cannot give you an accurate reading, and you use it unbeknownst, there is a good chance your food will burn or take much longer to cook.

How to choose a good oven thermometer

Now that we have established that oven thermometers are essential in almost every modern kitchen, you will need to find the right one for you.

Oven thermometers usually come in two different styles, analogue and digital. Analogue oven thermometers work a bit like the speedometer of your car. They have a dial, which rises and falls depending on the heat of the internal mercury.

Some analogue thermometers can be a bit tough to read, but they are usually heavier duty than digital oven thermometers. They can usually withstand higher temperatures, endure longer periods and they generally last longer than their digital counterparts.

Digital thermometers, on the other hand, give you the most accurate readings ever and are extremely sensitive to temperature change. As well as that, they are easier to read as the numbers are displayed in a digital format. Some digital thermometers have probes in them that allow you to get the most accurate temperature reading of the interior of the food. Other oven thermometers can be placed anywhere inside the oven and will give you the reading of the temperature inside, while some have both.

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23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years ….. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.