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Cooking Thermometer

Thermometers Direct have a huge range of cooking thermometers and catering thermometers at extremely affordable rates. Our cooking thermometers are of high standard and provide accurate readings of the cooking temperature. Our cooking thermometers are fast, accurate and extremely reliable. Our cooking thermometers are there to take away all your guess work for cooking and baking.
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Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer

Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer£60.00   £35.00More Info

BBQ Meat Fork Thermometer

BBQ Meat Fork Thermometer£15.00More Info

Comark FG80AK Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

Comark FG80AK Fridge/Freezer Thermometer£8.00More Info  (6)

Digital Kitchen Thermometer

Digital Kitchen Thermometer£8.00More Info  (1)

ETI Frying Thermometer 800-805

ETI Frying Thermometer 800-805£5.00More Info

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930

Hand Held Digital Thermometer ETI 810-930£17.00   £14.00More Info  (20)

Meat Probe Thermometer

Meat Probe Thermometer£2.00More Info  (2)

Oven Thermometer Comark DOT2AK

Oven Thermometer Comark DOT2AK£6.00More Info  (9)

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer

Pocket Thermometer | Digital Folding Thermometer£15.00   £7.00More Info  (1)

Temperature Log Book

Temperature Log Book£1.90More Info

Tempsafe 60oC Safety LCD Label

Tempsafe 60oC Safety LCD Label£0.35More Info

Wine Thermometer

Wine Thermometer£4.50More Info

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Page 1 of 1:    56 Items

Cooking Thermometers

Cooking needs precision and perfection and what better way to check the temperature of food than by using our wide range of cooking thermometers. Thermometers Direct stocks a huge range of cooking and catering thermometers. Cooking thermometer is essential if you need to check your food temperature, fridge or oven temperature. For instance, you may need to cook an item over a certain temperature or you might need to check the temperature of meat to see whether it has reached the right level to kill its bacteria or for it to be juicy enough. On the other hand, cooking thermometer is also an essential to reach perfect in baking. You may need to use cooking thermometers to check whether the baking item has reached a certain temperature for you to go to the next step. Whether you use cooking thermometers for cooking or for baking, these are an essential item for every household.

Thermometers direct stocks one of the best ranges of cooking thermometers. We have a variety of cooking thermometers which are high in quality and give you value for your money. We stock cooking thermometers from some of the best and most reliable suppliers. Our cooking thermometers are an essential for your kitchen so that you can know exactly how much temperature may be required for you cook or bake an item. Our exclusive range of cooking thermometers also includes catering thermometers which are perfect for catering industry. So if you have a large order in hand or are professional caterers, then these catering thermometers provide the best and most reliable solution for you. We understand that cooking large orders may be difficult but at the same time requires perfect, good quality and superb taste. We also have cooking thermometer for industrial purposes help you attain just that. If you are cooking for a large order or in bulk, you may use these cooking thermometers so that you don’t overcook an item or worry about burning it. You can take the food to a certain temperature and then bring it down.

Our cooking thermometer allows you to do your job is the most efficient, quick and reliable manner. You don’t have to put your finger into your food to check the temperature. Our cooking thermometers will do that for you. The thermometers at Thermometers Direct provide you with the most accurate and reliable reading. These cooking thermometers are dishwasher safe and extremely easy to use.

There are many different types of cooking thermometers available. Thermometers Direct stocks a huge variety of cooking thermometers. We have a huge range of cooking thermometers to meet your everyday needs of cooking, baking and preserving food items. For instance, preserving thermometers are ideal when you would like to preserve something at a particular temperature. Infrared thermometers are perfect when for cooking which requires precision and accuracy whilst cooking. Oven thermometers on the other hand are perfect for checking the temperature of your oven. These can be hung on the side of the oven to check temperature accurately. Meat thermometer is used when you would like to check the temperature of the meat when cooking in the oven. They take the guess work out and let you check the accurate temperature of the meat. Meat Thermometers advises on the accurate and optimum temperature to achieve the desired results for you. Meat thermometers help you check whether you would like the meat to be tender, medium or rare beef. On the other hand, digital thermometers such as ChefAlarm is a professional cooking thermometer that helps you count up and down whilst simultaneously featuring the time, temperature and allows you set high and low alarms and maximum and minimum temperatures. Then there are also fridge and freezer thermometers which allow you to check the fridge and freezer temperature whilst in a hung or stand along position.

All these different types of cooking thermometers provide accessibility and ease for you whilst you prepare, preserve, cook and/or bake food items. Cooking thermometers were always popular. People who did not wanted to compromise on the quality and taste of food always used cooking thermometers. However, their popularity has increased recently. Cooking thermometers not only allow you to get accurate and precise results but they are also extremely safe to use. Most of the thermometers at Thermometers Direct are dish-washer safe, which provide you even more flexibility and ease of use. Cooking has never been much simpler than with the help of these thermometers.

Thermometers Direct also stores a range of other thermometers for instance we have a huge variety of infrared thermometers, medical thermometers, calibrated thermometers and room thermometers. Please have a look at our other sections to find out more. Our customer service advisors are always here to help you out. If you are unsure about which thermometer is good for you, please feel free to ring a member of our staff and they will be more than happy to help you out. Alternatively, you may also like to send us your enquiry by email and a member of team will return to you shortly.

We at Thermometers Direct believe in providing the best customer service to our customers. We offer free delivery with all our thermometers and are always here to answer your queries. We have a huge range of cooking thermometers in stock. Please feel free to browse through our range of cooking and other thermometers such as medical, infrared or calibrated thermometers. At Thermometers Direct, you will find quality at the best value!

Calibrated Thermometer
Monday, 11 October 2021  |  Green

Excellent service, very speedy delivery and it does what it says it does

Excellent Price, Excellent Service
Friday, 10 September 2021  |  Ben

Good helpful supplier. I use this every day to take the sea temperature when I swim. I wish a more appropriately shaped product was available, but it works as expected

Very happy
Thursday, 1 July 2021  |  Amelia

Having looked at thermometers on Amazon they did not look good, so I choose your product instead. I got it for sea swimming but as soon as it arrived my fridge stopped working probably so I have used it there too. It’s great I would recommend it