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Did you know that the ideal temperature for your freezer is -13 degrees Celsius? This is cold enough to keep water and most other liquids frozen or near frozen.


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Round Fridge Thermometer ETI 800-100
Round Fridge Thermometer ETI 800-100
Did you also know the average temperature of the fridge is 1 to 2 degrees Celsius? This is because this temperature is cold enough to slow bacterial growth but warm enough to stop the food in the fridge from freezing. However, do you know the temperature in your fridge? A fridge thermometer may be imperative if you do not know your current fridge temperature.

However, sometimes you might find that fresh lettuce leaves in the fridge have frozen, or that it takes longer for liquids to freeze in the freezer, this can happen over time due to errors in calibration. When this starts to happen, owning a good fridge thermometer and freezer thermometer can help you identify how serious the issue.

The difference between fridge thermometers and freezer thermometers

Both the fridge thermometer and freezer thermometer have been designed to measure the interior temperature of each of their devices. The main difference between a fridge thermometer and a freezer one is that the latter has been designed to deal with freezing lower temperatures.

Before its newfound domestic use, freezer thermometers were used for industrial purposes only. They were used to measure the temperature of climate control warehouses, cold storage units and trucks that delivered perishable goods. This was a requirement by the industry. However, now, fridge thermometers and freezer thermometers can help you at home.

Benefits of using fridge thermometers and freezer thermometers

Freezer and fridge thermometers can help you detect flaws in the fridge and freezer, which can prevent your foodstuffs from defrosting in the freezer or freezing in the fridge.

Many new fridge/freezers have their own inbuilt thermometer. However, did you know that over time these become inaccurate?

You should own a fridge thermometer or freezer thermometer because if your refrigerator starts to malfunction, there is a good chance that the foods stored inside the fridge or the freezer will be affected. Some perishable foods like milk are very sensitive to temperature increases, which causes the bacteria inside to multiply quickly, which in turn spoils the milk.

On the other hand, if the fridge is too cold, your food can freeze, causing loss of taste and the need to thaw the food before you serve it.

Fridge Thermometers will help you improve the efficiency of the fridge and may help you save some money on electricity bills. It might not be a lot, but if your fridge is a degree to hot and as a result your food is going off quicker than it should be having a fridge thermometer could save you a nice sum on your food bills.

Furthermore, unchecked fridge malfunctions can lead to further damage of the fridge's coolant system. When there is a flaw or malfunction in the fridge's cooling system, it needs to be checked and rectified immediately. Failure to do so may result in over stressing the coolant system, which would ultimately damage the unit. A regular thermometer check can help you detect any malfunctions early on and rectify them before the repair costs rise significantly higher.

Types of fridge thermometers and freezer thermometers

The types of fridge thermometers range from the old liquid filled items to the latest digital. The liquid filled thermometers utilise an alcohol-based solution, which works similar to the mercury thermometers.

Then there are the analogue thermometers that make use of a bimetallic coil. Here, two different metals that have different expansion rates are coiled and bonded together. A pointer stem is attached to one end while the other end is firmly fixed. Any temperature change will be noticed by due to the expansion and contraction of the bimetallic coil as it pushes or pulls the pointer.

Then there is build quality, which comes in plastic, glass and stainless steel. While all three are good for moist and cold conditions, glass tends to break the fastest out of the three. The display may vary from a digital screen, analogue dials or a bar scale depending upon the thermometer you choose to use. Some digital freezer thermometers come with an alarm system, which is programmable to be set at a particular temperature. When hit, the alarm will sound alerting you that it has so you can adjust it.

How to use fridge thermometers and freezer thermometers

Place the thermometer in the fridge, preferably at the front of the fridge (but not somewhere you use). Leave the thermometer for a few hours so that it can get an accurate reading.

If possible, try to leave the fridge thermometer in overnight, as the readings are most accurate then. Repeat the tests in the sides of the fridge and at the back to see if you can find any warm or cold spots in the fridge.

Ongoing, try to check the temperature every week so that you can stay on top of any issues. If your freezer compartment is not separated from the fridge compartment, then chances are that you might not reach the lower range of the specified freezer temperature.

What are the benefits of shopping for a fridge thermometer on Thermometers Direct

Thermometers Direct is a company that has been selling thermometers for various purposes since 2004. Over the years, we have become market leaders in the sale of all types of thermometers. With a diverse inventory of major brands to suit different needs of different customers our deliveries are made all over the UK. 

We also have a dedicated customer service team that is happy to take feedback from you to review and revise our inventory and service overall.

Apart from that, at Thermometers Direct, we have regular deals and discounts on offer to ensure that you are getting the very best price for your items.

If you have any questions about our fridge thermometer range, freezer thermometers or any other items on our site, please message us today.


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Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.