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We at Thermometers Direct have a wide range of Pipe and Radiator Thermometers at reasonable, affordable prices. We have high standard products that give precise, consistent readings of pipe and radiator temperatures.

The swift and speedy measurements provided by our reliable thermometers allow you to save your time. The quality provided by Thermometers Direct is unmatched and we give you the best value for your money. Pick Thermometers Direct for your Pipe and Radiator Thermometer needs.

Pipe Thermometer & Radiator Thermometer

At Thermometers Direct, we keep an eye on our customers’ needs. So when our customers want to monitor the temperature of pipes and radiators accurately, we have the range that’s just perfect for their use. Our assortments of waterproof thermometers, magnetic thermometer, clamp probes and infrared thermometers are best for measuring pipe and radiator temperatures. Getting an accurate reading is vital if you are balancing radiators and here is where Thermometers Direct can help you.

Radiator Thermometers and Pipe Thermometers are very useful to measure and gauge the efficiency of your heating system. Our thermometers are easy to use for people with all sorts of professional backgrounds. You may be a professional who works daily with such thermometers or may be using it for the first time, you will find our thermometers very simple to use.

The magnetic thermometer we offer are ideal to attach to the radiator or pipes you intend to measure the temperature of. The temperature of the heat that is dispersed by the radiator or pipes will automatically be registered on the thermometer. These accurate readings will give you a precise idea of when to bleed the radiator to get the desired temperature. These Pipe and Radiator Thermometers can also be used to regulate the temperature of pipes in winters. This prevents the pipes from freezing and adding to daily stress.

We also offer infrared thermometers in our Pipe and Radiator Thermometers range. These thermometers give you the ability to measure the temperature of surfaces without touching them or getting in contact with them. This can really prevent injuries from scalding surfaces. The precise readings these thermometers provide, gives you the opportunity to get readings from a safe distance.

In the Pipe and Radiator Thermometers category, there are various brands to choose from. Thermometers Direct has its own thermometers and also provides other brands like ETI so that the customers can choose what’s best for them. All these brands are chosen by Thermometers Direct keeping in mind the quality our esteemed customers expect from us. The Pipe and Radiator Thermometers provided by Thermometers Direct and other brands are correct, precise, dependable and up to date with the most recent technology.

All of our Radiator and Pipe Thermometers are proven to be durable and stay damage-free for longer periods of time as compared to other brands. Most of the thermometers are waterproof and this helps to retain them in new condition. You can freely use the device without worrying about the risk of damaging it. Waterproof thermometers are the best for measuring temperatures of pipes which may have leaky holes oozing water. Thermometers Direct offers value for your money and provides a great after sales experience and hassle-free delivery. We sense our customers’ needs perfectly and have been delivering products that are tailored to these needs since 2004.

We provide Radiator and Pipe Thermometers which include Velcro pipe probes, ribbon surface probes, pocket infrared thermometers, K-Type penetration probe, Magnetic Bi-metal Dial Thermometers, K Type Pipe Clamp Probe, ThermaPen with air probe These thermometers can measure the temperature of pipes and radiators of any size, location and magnitude of temperatures. You may be a professional or just a layman, our Pipe and Radiator Thermometers are easy to use for all. All of our Radiator and Pipe Thermometers are portable, some with digital screens to make it easier to get readings, and are easily affordable.

With the best thermometers in comparison to industry-wide sellers, Thermometers Direct is supported by its reliable suppliers who are consistent in their efforts to help us bring to you the best Pipe and Radiator Thermometers. We also provide clip on pipe thermometers which make your life all the more easier. No longer do you have to carry the thermometer with you to the pipe and try to measure the degree of hotness or coldness. These clip on pipe thermometers are easily attached to the pipes and you just have to walk over and glance at the gadget to get a quick, swift reading.

We have professional infrared digital thermometers to help people from the industry that need professional, advanced thermometers. One such thermometer is the Infrared Thermometer DT-8862 Professional for high temperatures. Appropriately priced, these thermometers deserve a place in the tool box of any professional. Also available in variations for extreme high temperatures, this thermometer is the best there is.

The non-contact option of this thermometer makes it the best option for fire fighters and operators. No measurement is worthy of the safety of the operator or workman. The distance this device allows to be kept between the operator and the heated surface makes it useful for many professions. Fire fighters can use such devices to detect the hotspot or source of the fire and call on others to extinguish it. Medical professionals can also utilise the Non-Contact Clinical Forehead Thermometer device to measure the temperature of patients who they cannot risk contact with. Quarantined patients can be checked for temperatures using infrared thermometers.

Perfect for the places which are hard to reach, this thermometer makes the job of any professional way easier. It also helps people protect themselves from scalding and hot surfaces by providing a contact-free option. It is also ideal for determining the temperature of moving items or for just general use. The LCD screen which this thermometer has is suitable for dark places such as basements of buildings. With both, °C and °F temperature scales, this thermometer is useful for detecting the temperatures of pipes and radiators efficiently. The easy touch buttons allow a simple operational use. The range of temperatures this DT-8862 thermometer can measure is huge. Ranging from -50 to 650 degrees Celsius, this temperature range is the best value for your money. The ultimate accuracy and precision offered by this thermometer is matched by none other than Thermometers Direct.

The device rapidly detects the temperatures of pipes and radiators with precision, and has dual laser sighting for added accuracy and meticulousness. The device also comes with an auto hold option and a resolution of 0.1°C. The response time is super-fast; at less than 150 milliseconds, this device can put all other infrared Pipe and Radiator Thermometers to shame. The device also comes with a carrying protective cover to make it easier to carry while shielding it from damage at the same time.

The next Pipe Thermometer we have in our product range is the K-Type Velcro Pipe Probe. In order to measure the temperature of medium and large sized pipes, the K Type Velcro Probe is highly useful. The Pipe Thermometer probe is made of Velcro and it wraps around the pipe easily and firmly. Once the probe is fixed, the thermometer detects the temperature and gives swift, accurate readings. Appropriate for K type thermometers, this probe is highly efficient in giving precise and reliable temperature readings. The response time is very low: in less than 20 seconds, you can get an exact response from the Pipe thermometer. Designed for K Type thermometers, the temperature range this thermometer offers is -50 to 100 degrees Celsius.

Next up: the K Type Ribbon Surface Probe. Designed to give expedited measurements of pipe and radiator temperatures, these ribbon surface probes also prevent heat loss. Faulty, erroneous measurements are a result of heat loss from the pipes and can give you the wrong idea. The Ribbon Surface Probe is a Pipe and Radiator Thermometer that gives highly accurate readings by avoiding loss of heat from the pipe or radiator.

The way this gadget measures the temperature of surfaces and gives a speedy and precise response rate, it is one of our best products. The maximum temperature it can measure is 500 degrees Celsius. The small size makes it easily portable and adjustable.

The Pipe Radiator Thermometer, as the name suggests, is used for determining the temperature of the said surfaces. This thermometer can be kept on the pipes to regulate their temperature. There are various needs for which this thermometer can be used. It can be used to detect minute changes in the temperature of pipes and radiators, and can even be used to keep the temperature constant through constantly updating the operator. The temperature range of the Pipe Radiator Thermometer is from zero to 120 degrees Celsius. To make sure that the pipes are giving the perfect temperature for your home or office, the Pipe Radiator Thermometer is best suited to your needs.

The Bi-metal pipe thermometer takes some time in detecting the temperature of pipes and radiators. The spring provided is ideal for small pipes and in case of larger pipes you can use a tie-wrap, a larger spring or a wire. These thermometers need recalibration and it is quite easy to do so with these kinds of pipe and radiator thermometers. If, however, you need better, swift readings, we suggest you buy the infrared thermometers which have a greater accuracy and exactness in the readings they provide.

The Magnetic Bi-metal Dial Thermometer is almost similar to the Pipe and Radiator Thermometer mentioned above. This comes with a magnet that allows it to stick to the ferrous metallic pipes. Once attached, just one quick glance at the thermometer will allow a glimpse as to what the temperature of the pipe or radiator is. This Magnetic Bi metal Dial thermometer is compact and easily transportable and manageable.

Our next product, the ThermaPen® With Air Probe Thermometer, is one of the most up to date technologies we hold in our stock. This probe has a fast response rate and can easily measure the temperatures of air in labs and other areas. It can also be used as a Pipe and Radiator Thermometer and can measure the temperature of the air around pipes and radiators.

A large digital display makes it easy to read off the measurements from this ThermaPen. The range is also huge and ThermaPen can be used to detect temperatures ranging from -49.9 to 299.9°C. To save battery life, the thermometer can automatically switch off in ten minutes. This feature helps to maximise battery life. However, if this feature does not suit your needs, you can turn this off. Two lithium coin cell batteries power the ThermaPen and can work for 1500 hours at minimum.

The probe can smoothly fold back around 180 degrees into the side of the instrument. When not in use, this protects the probe from damage. The casing provided with the thermometer can be easily cleaned or washed and has the Biomaster additive. This retrenches bacteria growth and a rubber seal can save the device from invasion of water, food and dust particles.

Other products on Thermometers Direct that can help to detect the temperature of pipes and radiators are the Penetration Probe and the Pipe Clamp Probe. Both of these devices are reasonable and affordable. If you require a professional thermometer every now and then, these probes can help you out for daily determination of pipe and radiator temperatures. The Pipe Clamp probe has a range of -50°C to +100°C while the Penetration Probe has a capacity of over and above 250 degrees Celsius.

All of these pipe and radiator thermometers are frequently carried and are bought from our suppliers keeping in mind the needs of our clients. Let Thermometers Direct assist you in all your pipe and radiator thermometer needs.

23 November 2023  |  Christopher

I have purchased five of these over the years ….. One for me and because I find it so useful, four for relatives and friends as Christmas presents. Clearly I think both the thermometer and customer service from this company, really good

14 July 2023  |  Roy

Delivered in quick time and does what it says on the tin .No problems.

19 February 2023  |  Michael

Ordered this Thermometer to replace my previous one which I lost. (a gift to Neptune?). To take the sea temp when I swim. So far so good! and the scale is easier to read whilst treading water.